Singular RoHS Products Declaration


Declaration of Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

(Notice to Singular Technology’s Customers)

RoHS compliance:

  1. The following products supplied by Singular Technology Co. Ltd. are compliant with EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.
    Product Category Model or Series Name Note
    M3 RoHS decoder ICs M3-2100G, M3-2200G, M3-2300LQG,
    M3-2100-33G, M3-2200-33G, M3-2300-33LQG
    M3-2300LQL, M3-2300-33LQL
    Halogen-free mold compound
    Magnetic heads R100, R200, R300,
    R200T, R300T
    Mechanical Parts 43mm Rail, 90mm Rail, SCR28 body  
    Card Readers ST43, ST90, SR90, SKUII43, SKUII90, SUII43, SUII90,
    SCR28 TTL, SCR28 USB, SCR30,
    SE525, SF128
  2. Every supplier of Singular RoHS products’ components has offered a lab test report to prove that its component is RoHS standard compliant (not detected any RoHS substances- Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, PBBs or PBDEs, or less than the RoHS standard). Therefore, Singular RoHS products listed in the 1st statement are considered RoHS compliant.
  3. The mold compounds of M3 series RoHS decoder ICs (the model names in green color) also use halogen-free material (Cl and Br contents less than 900 ppm).
  4. The solder platings of M3 RoHS decoder ICs use pure tin (100% Sn) or tin plus bismuth (98% Sn + 2% Bi). They also pass 260℃ IR Reflow, TCT (Temperature Cycling Test), PCT (Pressure Cooker Test) and other reliability tests.

September 5, 2006
Spring Y.C. Yeh, General Engineer
Singular Technology Co., Ltd.

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