Label: IC Card Reader
Specification: SCR1T&SCR10 Contact IC Card Reader.pdf

Contact IC Card Reader

Product Information

  • Support EMV2000 L1 specification.
  • Support the Universal Serial Bus Specification, version 1.1.
  • Based on ISO7816 implementation
  • Support PC smart card industry standard – PC/SC 1.0
  • Support Microsoft Smart Card for Windows
  • Meet Microsoft WHQL USB smart card reader requirements
  • Include WDM driver to work on Windows 98 and Windows 2000
  • Implemented as an USB full speed device with bulk transfer endpoint
  • Built-in 3.3V regulator for single 5V operation
  • Support EEPROM for USB descriptors customization, including VID/PID
  • Based on USB-CCID class, short APDU level
  • Compatible with Microsoft USB-CCID driver
  • Mini USB 2.0

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