2D Magnetic Head
Label: Design Reference 2D

Product Information


S/N Part No. Drawing No. Description
1 G4081602 SSTL091C

SYL100R, 110mH / 280 ohm Single-Track

Drawing: /attachments/files/files/SSTL091C.pdf


2 G4081702 SSTL092C

SYL200R, 110mH / 280 ohm Dual-Track

Drawing: /attachments/files/files/SSTL092C.pdf


3 G4081802 SSTL093D

SYL300R, 110mH / 280 ohm Triple-Track



4 G4081902 SSTL129B

SYL250R, 110mH / 280 ohm Dual-Track

Drawing: /attachments/files/files/SSTL129B.pdf


5 G4082002 SSTL130B

SYL350R, 110mH / 280 ohm Triple-Track

Drawing: /attachments/files/files/SSTL130B.pdf


6 G4081502 SSTL131B

SYL335R, 100mH / 280 ohm Triple-Track

Drawing: /attachments/files/files/SSTL131B.pdf


7 G4081402 SSTL132B

SYL235R, 100mH / 280 ohm Dual-Track

Drawing: /attachments/files/files/SSTL132B.pdf

























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